The company of Amaboo

Amaboo is a branch of ‘Corporate Distribution diversity’ , a leader in the world of telecommunication, particularly in the distribution of telecom and data equipment. As a wholesaler with its sisters ‘Planet Telecoms ‘ and ‘Planet telecoms Export’  Amaboo is announced  as a  French operator by ARCEP (The French agency of the electronics and communications regulations ).

AMABOO is offering services in a booming market of the voice over IP. Using its expertise and its seriousness, AMABOO is providing new and innovative services for the benefit of its customers (unlimited plans, etc …). With one goal, to maintain a good service and offering benefits, to achieve the highest quality possible. AMABOO has its own dedicated server and VOIP system to ensure its customers the best service and to be capable to respond to the options on demand. Our servers are located at OVH, the first European data center provider of telecom infrastructure and website hosting. We are using the latest technology to ensure an efficient security, a sophisticated cooling systems to keep our telecom infrastructure safe and a redundant electrical power to ensure the continuity of the service.